Airplane Trails

Theres airplanes flying across the pale blue sky

Each followed with a white cloud trailing behind

As the plane moves forward, and creates new clouds

The old fades away, without a trace or sound.

It seems to be the memories slipping away

The good we used to have becoming less everyday.

To think where we are now and where we used to be

It’s the trail of the airplane long gone and no where to see.

I don’t like it when these things change

Things you trust will grow and stay,

But eventually every good thing comes to an end

Nothing can be eternal, not everything is to mend.

I might be in too deep, thinking too far to the point of no sleep

But this is reality for me, and I cannot control what I keep.

When you place so much hope into one little thing

It becomes a danger, your weakness, from deep within.

I looked up at the airplane in the pale blue sky

Sitting all alone, and just wondering why,

Its trail came to an end, just like everything else,

Just like the memories, and the things I once felt.

I don’t like the change, I don’t like the leaving

I hate this phase, it’s just endless seeking

Its seeking for answers and a direction to go

Its seeking for that feeling you long to sew.

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