Since getting back to The Netherlands, I find that life has been good. Not necessarily that nothing bad has happened, but by everything that I went through at the end of 2017 I have learned to appreciate the good in our lives as well as the bad. I saw myself dip down to the lowest point I had ever reached and realised two things; one is that I never want to reach that point again, and secondly if I got to that point and survived it I can get through anything (never by myself, only through God).


Airports give me very mixed feelings. I know on one end they bring pure joy and bliss because of reuniting with someone, but at the same time it gives absolute heartbreak, because it can also be saying goodbye to someone you don’t know if you’ll see again. I love getting to see other people so excitedly travelling to the airport ready for their long awaited reunion. It’s painful to see the people dreading every mile they pass on the way to the airport, having to say the hardest goodbye. Airports can mean the start to new beginnings, yet leaving all you know and love behind. It can be the most refreshing thing to be or the most stressful.