Why Doesn’t God Intervene? Part 1

This past weekend I went to a conference that was titled Why Doesn’t God Intervene. When my friend asked me to go I pretty much immediately thought yes, because I love doing things with my friends and conferences are usually pretty fun. Plus I thought it might give some answers, because sometimes things are really just too difficult to understand, why these terrible things can happen and we feel like we’ve been left alone.

There was something that stuck out to me, although to these type of questions you can never have one straight answer the points the speaker brought up were direct and clear on what must change. He gave an example of Europeans versus people in Haiti. This might seem like an odd comparison, but what he explained was that when bad things happen in Europe such as terrorist attacks people immediately throw their hands up in the air asking where is God in a time like this. However with the earthquakes in Haiti, instead of complaining and demanding to know what God was doing they ask, what would we do if we didn’t have God?

You see the issue is not always that bad things happen, because that in itself is inevitable. The issue is the mindset. It’s being thankful that we have a God, that in the midst of our tragedies is still working things out and leading us in the ways we should go. We can’t and won’t always get an explanation why bad things happen, I’m still left wondering with so many things why they happened and why would God allow the pain. However I have learned, that God never leaves you empty handed. One prime example I love to use when talking about this is when I just moved back to the Netherlands last June. When I came here my relationship ended and that was probably the darkest time I had faced up till then. I recall biking with my mum on the day itself and telling her, God is cruel to let this happen. But later in January I started realising that it’s not like that at all. You see if I had continued in that relationship, not only was it toxic but it was hindering me from so many things. If I had stayed in that relationship I never would have made the friends I have today. Because quite frankly I didn’t care about the people here. I knew I was going to be in Netherlands for a short amount of time for my study, I’d get married and be gone. I didn’t see the use in starting new friendships I knew would break when I left again.

My relationship ending forced my to think further than that, and I was placed in a project group within my class with a bunch of girls I barely knew. They had seen me at my complete worst without having any sort of friendship with me they pulled me through that. It took quite a while for me to take it seriously and let them in but now that I have found the best thing. God never left me empty handed, he didn’t take away something good from me. He took away something toxic and gave me something that encourages my growth, stimulates me to work harder, shows me what love really is. So while I was thinking God was letting my life go to shit, he was actually making things in order and giving me a much better life. I dared to say God was cruel, and ask where he was and what the hell he thought he was doing. While I should’ve been thanking him for letting his plan and his timing go forth.

The reason I am still here today, is because God came through and supported me in those dark times. I wouldn’t have been here without that. God did intervene, he just didn’t intervene in the way that I wanted him to at the time. This isn’t to tell you how to handle situations, or to make it sound easy giving everything up to God changing the mindset, because changing a mindset is probably one of the most difficult things when it comes to giving up control on your life to God. I just hope to encourage, and by this example show that we are never forgotten, never left empty handed, and always, always loved. It’s a lesson I’ve learned in the past. Several times. And it’s a lesson I’m going to keep needing to learn the rest of my life, but its definitely worth it.

Be sure to come back next week and read part 2 of what I learned on God intervening in our lives!

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