Self Care

Probably the first thing that pops into your mind when I say the words ‘self care’ is an evening with facials, a nice shower or bath and a big glass of wine. Alas that’s not what I’m talking about. I used to relate that to self care too, but the past year I’ve learned what it really is and why it’s so important to focus on that. In 2019 people crossed my boundaries and had the guts to get mad at me for saying something about it. I used to get intimidated by that and just let things go because I figured it was too much hassle to deal with it. I stayed in a relationship where I felt something off from the start, but I refused to connect the dots on why I was having panic attacks.

I got out of that relationship, I left the place where my boundaries weren’t being respected, and damn it felt good. Real self care is making the difficult decisions, knowing when enough is enough, getting up earlier to make a healthy breakfast or get that morning work out in. It’s not easy taking care of yourself and in all honesty it’s something I have found difficult since graduating high school. That’s why I set very clear goals for this coming year that my health- physical and mental, was a priority. I finally quit smoking, got a new job for the time being that I search for a new internship, more aware of what I’m eating and how it will affect my health, and very conscious of who I invest my time and energy into.

I really didn’t like last year when I first looked back on it, and as true as that was I realised I had made a promise to myself to be less negative so I ended up realising I had a pretty good year on the positive note. At the end of 2019 I made an instagram post with all the highs of the year and it was of course still a blessed year. But I’ve got better plans for this one, I don’t want to look back on December 31 and realise I had a repeat year, or my first instinct was to feel negative about the year I just had. I want to look back at it and be proud of things I did, see that I grew and overcame even more obstacles, improved my relationships and accomplished something.

I’ve felt like it has been time for a while now, but not knowing where I should head held me back. I think this is gonna be a year I get to see myself grow and from there we see where I’m headed. I’m really excited for the coming year, and I hope that you are too! My next blog is going to be about the service trip I’m going to be going on in March that I am insanely excited for, keep an eye out for it 😉


Picture credits: Yourself

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