Dear Actor,

A couple weeks back I got to go to Isräel for a school trip and work with deaf/blind actors. Before going I had no idea what to expect of this trip except that it was out of my comfort zone and I was quite nervous. At the end of the trip me and my travel mates were asked to write a letter to our individual actor. I decided to share this letter here, as it properly depicts what this trip meant for me.

*I removed the actors name out of privacy for him.

Dear Actor,

First off I want to say thank you for an amazing experience, for opening up to me and trusting me, for showing me what life is like for you and how what some may consider disabilities are not barriers for you, but possibilities. You gave me a new perspective on life, you are so happy and charismatic, your smile never leaves your face and you are thankful for what you have. I realised I should be that too, I used to complain that I was partially deaf because it made life ‘difficult’ but I saw how blessed we actually are and that sight and hearing are not necessities for a good life. You live an amazing life, you do amazing things and inspire people! I love that about you and want to always keep that close to my heart. Actor, you inspire me to be better and do more in life.

I didn’t know what I was to expect about our trip to Isräel and Na Laga’at before coming, I was intimidated at the fact that we had to be vulnerable and use touch as a language. I don’t usually like opening up to people like that before I really know them, but you made it so easy. I felt no judgement from you only acceptance because in the end it really didn’t matter what things I have or what’s happened because you focused on who I am in that very moment.

You took a leap of faith with me, we had an adventure and made memories that no one and nothing can take away. I would do it all over again if I could. I miss Na Laga’at and I miss you, I hope you are doing well. I’m proud of you for the work you do and the love and trust that you give to people. I pray for your well being and look forward to seeing you again, whether that’s in Isräel, Netherlands, or somewhere else. I hope it’s soon,

Much love,

Tessa den Engelsen

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