It’s really starting to bother me that all around me I see smiles, but none of them real.
There’s the girl not happy in her body so she’ll skip a meal
The boy making everyone smile is actually in denial
The people struggling through problems we know nothing about, and yet we proceed to pout that they’re being fake…
You see we really don’t know what they go through.
Battles they’ve fought through and goals they’ve reached to.
We each have our own issues but that doesn’t give us the right to misuse.
Because we feel necessary to issue ourselves higher, when we’re really not.
So I look around again and see through them.
The pain and the suffering may be too much, but they’re tough
They’re warriours and they’ve fought more than we thought,
Just to make it to today.

For some people the struggle is school, the constant pressure and duel and yet,
people don’t even see and you slip between the seems.
And only when you just have to let go,
Do they see and do they know.
That maybe there’s more to life than just school.
To those whose struggle is food or struggle with bipolar moods,
There is light at the end of the tunnel dont let it gloom.
You can eat the meal, it won’t harm you
Accept that smile and send one back too.
You’re worth more than you assume,
So hold on and let happiness consume…

I know some days are harder than another
but do know there are many others that struggle too.
And I’m one of them.. that’s why I care about you.

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