Living The Better Life

A few weeks ago I was broken, a simple college student who no longer had to motivation or determination for anything including life. Lying on the couch just crying because everything was a mess and there seemed to be no way out. These kind of anxiety attacks aren’t new to me I’ve actually had to deal with them for a while now. Crippling fear going through your body because everything seems to be going wrong and all the hope you once had for your future now being gone. In a panic I contacted my mum whose a health coach/nutritionist. I knew if anything would help, she would. After explaining exactly what I had been suffering from (openly for a few months, concealed for years) she immediately went on a extravagant search to find help for me.

The reason my struggling was concealed is I didn’t dare to show it to the outside world. I was ashamed of my struggle and always felt the need and pressure to keep on a mask that made it seem like everything was okay. Any kind of negative feeling or emotion I bottled up and kept inside me so that no one else could see. It outed itself in many negative ways that I’m not proud of and are now difficult habits to break. It’s a struggle that I fight with every single day, and considering some addictions stay it will be a struggle for the rest of my life. But at one point after bottling up all the pain and sadness you break. My breaking point was about one year ago and since then I haven’t been able to deal with things anymore. As much as I wanted to be okay and as hard as I tried to be okay I simply wasn’t because I wasn’t dealing with the root issue just covering up the symptoms. This time it’s different, this time the anxieties and depressions won’t take me down because I’ll be the one taking it down first. It’s a step by step process that I’ve only just started but I’m finally ready to undergo it.

Simply a few days later my mum already found things that could help me. What I love about her help is I know it is not going to have negative side effects such as certain medications can have. When I work with her it is all natural and only positive effects. Having tried her help once before and seeing the amazing results I knew this woud be the way to go. We tied the current issue back to something I had dealt with three years prior and it seemed to match perfectly. We headed over to the store (after my mum had done extensive research on the product) and bought GABA supplements. The point of this product is to naturally give you the amino acid that you may be missing.

My issue is a gut problem. As a child I was stuffed full of medications and what not for constant ear problems which later resulted in many unsuccessful surgeries. The medications resulted in an infected gut that for years I had no idea about. This infected gut lead to a leaky gut causing the toxins to exit my gut into my bloodstream. This entire problem was making it so that my body would no longer make necessary amino acids that fight anxiety and restlessness. There are many studies done on the ties between anxiety issues and bad guts and I happened to be one of those sufferers. Since taking the GABA product I have been able to rationalise and stop the neurotic behaviour and thinking. The goal with this product is that after taking it for a certain amount of time it will restore the missing amino acid in your brain giving you the needed feeling of well being. This will equip you to undergo the necessary life changes to restore your gut to its healthy state.

I have attempted this diet once before three years ago and tried it without the GABA products. Thanks to my family I was able to complete it because of their support and unwillingness to let me quit. But due to not being in a good mental state the healing effects were much worse than we had anticipated. I became extremely emotional and aggressive, with no control over how the mood swings went. This time I’m doing it differently. I am already taking the supplements and when I return from my vacation back home it is going to be complete make over on my life. If I want to be in a good state of mind and keep my body as healthy and functioning as possible I need to completely change my lifestyle. I’ll keep that process on my blog and the results so that others can also see the effects of this.

If you are interested in the GABA supplements I have been talking about you can click right here

I’m hoping this will help give insight in to what I’ve been struggling with and what methods are possible, and also if others are going through similar or the same things it’s great to connect on such things! Go ahead and head over to the contact page, I typically reply quick;)

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