Jungle Water

When I was in highschool I played basketball for a club called Fast Break. We we’re a pretty strong team, usually took gold, not to brag or anything 😉

Anyway I met one of my best friends there and I remember there was one specific game where she was just on fire. Her energy levels were sky high, she was getting all the rebounds, running the fastest, making the shots. My coach called out to her in the middle of the game asking what she ate for breakfast that made her so energetic. Turns out it wasn’t what she was eating, but what she was drinking. After the game she explained to me how she put lemon, cucumber and mint leaves in her water and how good it made her feel.

I took this over and started doing it too, I called it Jungle Water and soon everyone at school knew I always carried around my bottle of jungle water. It seriously helped me to hydrate better because it tasted nicer and less boring than normal drinking water. It helped purify my skin because of all the vitamins and antioxidants in it. It made me creative trying to find the different combinations of fruits/vegetables I could use in this.

Recently I picked this up again, and I actually daily share what kind of water I’m drinking today including the health benefits it has. You can check it out on my stories here. So after getting back into this and seeing how much I enjoyed this I figured I’d share it with all of you too. Here are my top three favourite mixes:

  1. Lemon, cucumber, and mint leave water.
    I kid you not this is like the holy grail of drinking water. I usually use my 750 ml water bottle, put one slice of lemon in, four slices of cucumber and a few mint leaves. Fill it up with sparkling water and consistently drink/refill.
    The health benefits are:
    1. Aids to detox the body
    2. Helps prevent kidney stones
    3. Enhance hydration
    4. Has anticancer properties
    5. Aids in weight loss
  2. Strawberry Lemon Water
    When it’s strawberry season and I (as a student) can afford strawberries, I love making this mix. It’s nice and refreshing on a warm day and gives a natural sweetness to the water. Here are the benefits:
    1. Cleanses toxins from your body
    2. Sugar free sweetened drink
    3. Helps to improve your skin tone
    4. Contains micronutrients
    5. Tastes better than normal water?!
  3. Orange Lemon Water
    Orange lemon water gives just the right mix up but still contains a bunch of good stuff. Some of my favourite benefits are:
    1. Contains Vitamin C which aids in growth, repair and development of all body tissues.
    2. Relieves bloating in belly.
    3. Reduces Anemia
    4. Boosts your immune system
    5. Also aids in digestion

As you can see I use lemon in all of my mixes, I really think lemon is one of the best fruits to infuse your water with and it mixes well with almost everything. Honestly there aren’t really downsides to infuse your water with fruits and vegetables, and if you’re like me and way too often forget to eat fruits/veggies this is the perfect way to still make sure you get your nutrients in.

So don’t wait, go try it out. It may take some getting used to, you may find yourself having a bit of a headache the first few days, this is your body detoxing. So no worries, it’s all good, excited to see what your favourite ends up being.

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