Goodbye 2020

It’s the last week of 2020, and I can imagine there are a lot of people who will be very happy that this year is coming to an end. A year a lot of us thought was going to be the year we finally land that job, or buy the house, or quit smoking. Instead we had completely other worries on our minds that had nothing to do with the things I just mentioned. It started with Kobe’s helicopter crashing, and Australia catching on fire, and I remember everyone thinking what a shit show. Can things get any worse? Then we got Covid-19, which we all hoped wouldn’t be as impactful as it ending up being.

People lost their jobs, their homes, their loved ones because of everything that went down this year. So I think we can all give ourselves a pat on the back that we are here this week, able to look back on 2020, we made it through.

If there’s anything that this year taught us, for me it’s that in the blink of an eye, everything can change. People around me keep saying we gotta make it to 2021, soon everything will get better, and I do believe things will get better. However I do think we need to remember to live in the now, that like this past year everything can change in the blink of an eye. We don’t know what the next year holds for us but I pray that it’s many good things. Just don’t forget there are good things right now.

Looking back at life it never ends up being the big things that were the most fun, it’s the small mundane things that we didn’t think twice about before this year. Going to a concert, grabbing a cup of coffee, receiving a hug… Life is all about those things and for me 2020 was the year that made me thankful for what we had. What we have right now is important, not what we may have in the future or how things were in the past.

This year wasn’t easy for anyone so cheers to everyone that we made it this far. I pray many good things come your way in 2021 and that we can go back to being young, not worrying about world crises. I pray you find that place that makes you happy, you can go out with your friends every weekend and enjoy life, you can move to that city you’ve wanted to go to for years, that life becomes life again.

See you next year xx

“Life is what happens, while you’re busy making plans”.

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