Behind The Statue

I’ve been thinking for a really long time about what I should write. Several topics had popped up but felt too sensitive or extreme to write about. I’ve become the person that walks away moody when people start talking about Covid, so to write about it would be hypocritical. I do want to spend some time talking about an aspect of everything going down now though.

I think most people are approximately on the same page, we’ve all either been in a partial or full lockdown since March, with little to no relief of when this shitshow is going to end. Back then I had the hope of summer coming around and because of the nice weather we could still go outside and do things, at least pretend life was normal. Now however we’re entering the winter period where no one goes outside, and meeting inside is not permitted. Many countries have gone far enough to ban meeting people outside of your household, I think for us it’s around the corner.

I think one thing we can all agree on is that this has been hard mentally. It doesn’t matter what you say, but being locked up in your room for months on end, limited social contact, a complete 180 from how life was to how it is now, little to no hope about our future being any different, has an affect on people. Some may like getting their alone time but I know for me personally it’s been hard.

I was able to stay really strong through most of the crisis and it didn’t affect me mentally because I kept hope of things getting better. Till a few weeks ago my hope seemed to cave in and this inescapable melancholy followed me around wherever I or my mind went. I’d wake up and for a few seconds I’d be okay until I realised once again what was all going on right now. Watching the news and rules get piled on top of more rules taking away our freedoms one by one all in the name of safety. Yet I haven’t heard enough people talk about safety when it comes to people at risk with depression, suicidal thoughts, domestic violence.

The fact of the matter is this can and should never be a long term solution. In our country the government has been pushing a ‘new normal’ and our least hazardous level is still on guard. People cannot go this long being apart, we are all already addicted to screens and technology. Social distancing only increasing this and our hunchbacks from sitting at our desks for work, and for a chat, and for a drink, because everything is online. People stuck in homes that aren’t safe with nowhere to go. People who would usually go to friends to escape their thoughts stuck in their rooms swarmed by their minds.

We can’t let this become normal to us, we need to keep fighting for reality, and stay strong during these times. Check up on your friends, talk to your families, in the possible ways try to stay connected. We’ve all been thrown into the deep with this and will only get through it together.

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