What Have I Been Up To?

Alright so I’ve been gone for wayyy too long. My apologies if I could tell the whole story I would and I’m sure people would understand, but alas that story has yet to come in the near future. But for now I can make an update on what’s kind of been going on in my life and what that’s been teaching me. In the past month that I have not been posting or online, I have seen my best friend get married, fought really hard and got to continue my school despite majorly lacking credits, and I’ve celebrated my parents being married 25 years.

First things first, seeing my best friend getting married was really something else, and very spectacular. It’s a strange idea that that is now the life phase I am in… friends getting into serious relationships and getting married instead of all of us being single pringles. I do enjoy it however, and feel honoured that I was invited to be there all day. Seeing two people get married with God’s blessing is spectacular, because you know when two people are meant for each other and they get to spend the rest of their lives together really makes me happy especially since it’s my best friend. It was also my first proper Dutch wedding I attended being at an age where I actually understand whats going on. It’s different than I anticipated but I liked being surprised at every turn.

Secondly I’m continuing school. All summer I had been in dubio on whether I should continue social work after not such a great academic year, or switch over to human resource management. It was agonising having this question gnawing at my head throughout the vacation not knowing what I should do. Eventually I made a bargain with God (not recommended) and decided that if I was even allowed to pass (due to not such great test scores) I’d have to continue social work because with such slim chances God must really want me there if that worked out, and if the very likely option happened of them kicking me out I’d join HRM. I came back from Singapore after my vacation and like I half expected, didn’t do well on my exams. This basically made it clear for me but yet the exam board granted me a chance to explain why I had made a mess of the past year. Briefly I explained it was because reverse culture shock, a severe dip after my relationship ending, and the passing of a friend. Because to be honest the past year had been difficult due to those things. Within 10 minutes I was done and they granted me a year to catch up and prove to them I could do it. I lacked no motivation only the resources to do what needed to be done. I can’t tell you how happy this made me and how blessed I felt, that I had this one chance to redeem myself and I absolutely did not want to mess it up.

Lastly I had the blessing of celebrating my parents 25 years of marriage a few weeks ago. I don’t know what it’s like in other countries, but in The Netherlands it’s quite a big deal and we threw a big party. We even had some friends out of Singapore that came, a major blast to the past where people I had known all my life from different countries came. I know it meant a lot to my parents, as it did me seeing all these people supporting my parents. They have been the best kind and I will toast to another 25 years!

As for next week, I am planning on making a post with some content again specifically to TCK life and since it’s been about one year since moving here a post on what it’s been like overcoming challenges and learning new things. But if you’re interested in that you’re gonna have to come back next week! Have a great one and till then!

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