Why Doesn’t God Intervene? Part 2

Why doesn’t God Intervene part 2! Welcome back to Getting on with the Move and I hope last weeks update was able to give some insight or peace! The reason I chose to make two parts is I felt they were two really different reasons that couldn’t smoothly be brought together by me. You see the first reason I gave on why God doesn’t intervene is that it’s also a mindset we have and need to change. That its not the mindset with bad things Where is God? but what would we do without God! There’s another part I wanted to share though. The thing about the world having bad things, is that its entirely the fault of humanity not God.

God chose to give us free will, so that we as humans would choose to follow him (or something else) instead of being mindless robots that were forced into faith, because that isn’t faith. However with free will, comes the power to abuse that free will. God loved us so he set us free in the sense of it is entirely up to us if we choose to follow him. People have the options and ability to not follow God, they have the ability to do evil such as murdering, hurting, and what not. But because of the free will God has given us, he doesn’t always intervene. If he were to always intervene we would not have that free will.

Take it this way, if you have a child you definitely want what is best for them. You will do anything to give them the best of the best, but eventually it’s time to let them choose their own path. I recently got to choose my own path, and I definitely abuse the freedom that I’ve been given, its human to do so and at my age not even the strangest thing to do. (not that I’m encouraging abusing freedom, but it’s definitely common). My parents know that they cannot 100% guide and control what I do anymore, because I am my own person now with the freedom of free will. As much as they would like to stop me from making a mistake, they need to let me fall hard on my face for me to really learn how the world works. It’s the same thing with God, he has the ability to stop every bad thing from happening, but how free are we then really? We would be confined because every potentially bad dangerous thing is taken away from us. That’s not free will, thats sitting in a safe box.

I understand that it’s easy to question God, and why he allows bad things to happen to ‘good’ people. I see it in my networks that people struggle with it, in my family, and in myself. It’s one of those questions that you’re never going to get one straight answer for, because some things we will never understand until we are with God. However what I am hoping to accomplish with this post is not giving you an answer, but argue why things happen and why they are allowed to happen. It all comes down to trust. And believe me I will be the first person to admit, trust is a really hard thing. After everything that has happened, its difficult to trust people let alone a supernatural being that supposedly holds the entire world in his hands. It’s an abstract idea to have faith in, but to be honest he has made himself so clear to me and I would not be here without it.

But I have seen that when I trust in God, I have peace with what happens even if its not what I want to happen. When I try to control things on my own, I spiral deeply and it’s not a pretty ending. Of course I hate when bad things happen to me and the people I love, I can’t stand seeing my loved ones in pain. But I do luckily know that it is temporary and I have found that in everything that happens God has a plan with it. Everything works out for his good. Even in the darkest of times, there is always a light, we just may need to do a little effort to find it. But trusting in God is like looking at a carpet. If you’ve ever seen the bottom of a carpet you know its ugly, and the way the seams are it doesn’t make sense. But thats the side we look to, the ugly confusing bottom while God is looking at the beautiful top. When we don’t understand why or what is happening, he does and he’s working things out for us without us even knowing it. So as easy it is said and difficult it is done, please trust in God. It’s probably the most important lesson I’ve had to learn, and its been really rewarding to practice it.

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