Facing The Giants

I find it not a coincidence that it says 365 times in the bible, to not fear. For every single day of the year, whatever you may be fearing, there is a verse that tells you to not fear. Life likes to throw a lot of things at us, reasons why we should be afraid, choose to not do things out of fear. But you see by letting fear lead your life you don’t actually get to accomplish much. There was fear in moving here, going to a new University, fear in starting this blog because what might people think? Would I be bugging them with my updates or would they think I’m being fake? What if it doesn’t succeed or what if I never reach my goals regarding my blog or in general life. But I can’t let these fears run my life, if I do that I’ll never accomplish anything. Facing your giants means facing the things you are afraid of, and that is exactly what I intend on doing.

Throughout my life I’ve had many fears, and its definitely hindered me from doing things. I’m afraid of what people will say do or think if I do what I want to, I’m afraid of failing and of bothering people, but when you let those things consume you you can’t live. It’s important to put yourself out there, to push your boundaries sometimes and let yourself be vulnerable. There’s always going to be a risk in it, and there’s always going to be a chance you’ll fall flat on your face.

I’ve realised whenever it came down to being afraid of something, I would pray. It didn’t matter what the situation was but for everything I would end up praying knowing that God would be there. The thing about fear is that it makes us irrational. What is really the worst thing that could happen if you stepped out of your comfort zone? The world will not end, you will not end. There is risk for rejection and pain yes but even those things teach us and come to pass. I’ve faced plenty of pain and rejection in my life but I’m still here, I’m okay, not permanently scarred by any of those experiences. If anything I got to learn from those and succeed because of them.

My hope to you is that you are able to see the strength in relying on God when it comes to fear (and just about everything else in your life). That he’s got everything in his hands and does catch you when you fall. As long as we have God on our sides, we honestly don’t have anything to fear.

So to close off this post, I want to challenge you to something. Think deeply what is one thing you would like to do if fear wasn’t in the picture, and then go do it. It will seem scary at first, but once you do that and realise fear is not a necessary part of the picture you can start to live life even more fully than you had before.

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