Since getting back to The Netherlands, I find that life has been good. Not necessarily that nothing bad has happened, but by everything that I went through at the end of 2017 I have learned to appreciate the good in our lives as well as the bad. I saw myself dip down to the lowest point I had ever reached and realised two things; one is that I never want to reach that point again, and secondly if I got to that point and survived it I can get through anything (never by myself, only through God). The past few weeks have been regular school and getting everything done that I need to, but either way I’ve been enjoying.

On thursday 18 January I was stuck in Ede (city where my school is) because we had a serious wind storm. All the trains stopped going and every time we thought one was going it got cancelled. So as I was chilling at a friends house there I got a text message from my mother saying I had to be at Schiphol Airport Starbucks at exactly 8:30 am the next morning. Ecstatically I picked up my phone to call her and immediately asked if my dad was flying in. She laughed but said my bike from Singapore had been sent over and I needed to go pick it up. I asked several more times if my dad was coming, but all she kept saying is the bike. She said there would be a guy waiting with a box at starbucks, I would recognize the box and that’s all I knew. A bit disappointed I hung up and got back to doing homework.

The next morning I got up ridiculously early to pick up a bike and headed over to Schiphol. As I was in the train I realised I had no idea what this guy looked like, what his name was, if I had to pay him and how the heck I would get this box with my bike in it home. The bike had been taken apart too so it wasn’t like I could quickly unwrap it and then take it home. I started walking over to the starbucks and couldn’t see a box or a guy standing with a box, I figured since were two random people meeting he’d be at the entrance but I saw nothing. Confused I kept looking around till I saw a box, and the I also saw that my dad was indeed there!

I don’t think I could contain my excitement, I ran over and gave him a huge hug, I won’t lie I did feel a strong urge to cry because the thing is, I thought I wasn’t going to see my dad for seven months. Being a TCK is honestly an exciting thing, you get to see so many people, places, cultures, but you’re always going to be far away from someone you love. I’m blessed enough that I can see my mum every 2 months, but for my dad I see him only during winter and summer. However, despite the thousands of miles between my family throughout most of the year, we have been blessed enough to keep an amazing bond and lay a high importance on our family.

When you live this far away from each other, these kind if surprise visits, if possible, are a absolute necessity. Personally I love these kinds of visits but I also think it encourages the people going through distance relationships with either family, friends, or significant others. I know that back when I was in a long distance relationship, I wanted nothing more than to come home one day and just see the person I loved sitting on the sofa. These things are important, and I can honestly say it meant a lot that my dad came. I hope everyone reading this that goes through distance in any of their relationships has the joy of experiencing this as well at some point.

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