Part 2

You may be curious as to why I am calling this part 2, but this is part 2 in The Netherlands. Back in June when I moved here was part 1 and since I have had the luxury to go back this past winter to Singapore, returning to The Netherlands is now part 2. Time to go headstrong into my second semester at University and headstrong into this new year. I’ve made the decision that 2018 is in every way going to be my year. It’s my time to focus on where I want to go, how I am going to get there, and focus on growing as a person.

Quite honestly I expected it to be difficult coming back to Netherlands after a super intense 2 weeks in Singapore. I figured I would just long to be home and become miserable here again. Yes that’s quite bleak but in reality it’s what I was expecting. When I left Singapore a few weeks back it was with a tear stained face, I had had such an amazing two weeks and quite frankly did not want that to end, I had so many people there that I loved and I knew walking through that airport it would be another 7 months before seeing my dad again. Besides missing my dad, landing back in The Netherlands felt NORMAL. I was very shocked and weirded out that it felt normal to be there. The previous 6 months I had been there it felt anything but normal. However this time around taking those trains, entering this house, going to school and to work all felt normal. I realised I had actually missed it, I missed my friends, school, the routine. I realised The Netherlands had become a bit more of my home than I expected.

Of course to fully settle could still take months or years, after all it took my 7 years to fall in love with Singapore, but the fact that I was actually happy to be back was already a bit step and meant a lot to me. The thing is, as a third culture kid your heart can be everywhere. I lived in 7 different places, moved countries 9 times by the time I was 8 years old, sometimes returning to countries I had previously lived in and not feeling I had been there at all. My heart is in Singapore, and in The Netherlands.

Now I get to enter exam period and completely dive into school. Everything all put together now is pretty hectic, but I’m enjoying being busy, keeping up with school, work, exercise, friends, and family. Coming back to Netherlands I realised I really started enjoying my school. It’s like being away made me appreciate the study I’m doing and the fun classmates that I have, I currently don’t know now what I want to do next year. If I stay with Social Work or switch to business. I know I will end up doing business but chances are I may stay a little longer in Social work, it’s proven too good to drop it now.

Now I’ve got to get back to working for my exams, but I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and apologies for my later upload. If there are ideas or thoughts on what you would like me to write about, feel free to drop it in the comments! If there’s a take away from this, its push through something. Even if it seems it’s the total wrong thing to be doing now, push through for a little bit because it could prove to be extremely worth it.

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