Home Bound: Tribute

I’d like to start of with saying congratulations to all the college/university students who have now rounded off their exams and are enjoying a nice winter break. Us on the other hand have our exams when we get back so winter break will also consist of studying! The bright side though is that right now for the year 2017 I am done with school and in exactly two days I’m flying off to my favourite home country, Singapore. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for vastly different reasons at different points but now I know I get two quality weeks with my parents, my dog, my friends, the weather, and the absolutely amazing food. I am quite sure I am going to come back from this trip having gained much weight with all the food I plan to eat!

Honestly there is one thing that has become very clear to me as I round off my first half year in The Netherlands. Things are not in my hands and the best thing to do is make the most of every single moment and leave the planning up to God. As I’ve said before this entire semester went 100% different than I had planned and at one point it tore me apart. However if I look back now I wouldn’t have had it any differently. All the pain lead me to better things and taught me that nothing is guaranteed even though you can be 100% convinced it is. The best thing is to value and cherish every moment you have right now.

I’ve met the best people here that are not judgemental at all and that have the biggest hearts. Ive met others that have the smallest hearts and hurt others, but every single one of them was good to meet. I’ve experienced things I never thought I’d get before I moved here like becoming a bartender, snow days, or being threatened by drunks. They’re all things to add to my book of experiences and laugh about them later. I’ve learned a lot of independence having to live in a house with my sister and manage everything from groceries to cleaning to making sure we actually eat enough healthy stuff without parental influence.

I’ve been blessed enough with amazing family relationships, family that lets me come whenever I want or need to and give me food and love. I have the blessing of living with my sister, who even though can get on my very last nerve, has been there every night that was hard, every day I didn’t want to continue, and make sure I get home safely after making dumb choices with alcohol. I’ve been blessed with parents that will be up at unusual hours to call me while I walk home from work at 3 am. That endlessly support my choices even when they seem drastic. That give me the space to figure myself out and form my very own life.

I’ve been blessed with classmates that supported me the moment everything fell apart despite barely even knowing me. Friends that I’ve been able to make and do fun things like go to Amsterdam, grab spontaneous pizza’s with, or even the simple train rides home that are never boring. It doesn’t end there though, I’ve got friends literally all over the world that have been amazing in this entire process. My best friends literally live in USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and Singapore. They’re all over but have been the firmest rocks to me and I only hope I can match that level of support when you need it.

This semester has been the farthest from easy, in fact I can confidently say it has been the most difficult thing I have gone through but I can also confidently say it has been the most fruitful. Pain does something to you that makes you realise who is really there and what’s important in life. It gives you painful realisations about how you’re life is going and what needs to remain or change. Yet I can sit here and type telling you that I am blessed, so incredibly blessed that this blog post doesn’t even do justice. This is a tribute to everyone who has been there for me in the past 6 months and even before then. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you and I know even when I lose my memory with age I won’t forget this.


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