Coffee Shops

Okay before we begin, many people know that I am in Netherlands and when I title this coffee shops I literally mean a cafe not a weed cafe. Now that we have that out of the way I shall begin with what I want to tell you this week.

It seems there has not been a chance to gather my thoughts in much too long a time, so I dropped my homework, got a book and my sketch book and headed to a coffee shop in Amersfoort. The point of this was to just sit quietly, observe people, read my book and sketch and of course drink some coffee. If you haven’t noticed by now I am indeed a bit of a coffee addict, but thats besides the point. I have to say there was a lovely calmness that came with not worrying about anything except how to sketch what was in front of me.

My goal the past 4 weeks has been to stay as busy as possible, plan my schedule in as much as possible to avoid thinking about anything but came to realise soon enough moments of quiet are also necessary in adjustment and with that I did as I said, with my book and sketchbook went on my little ‘adventure’ to find some peace and quiet. At one point, you have to face the silence. The silence at times is the worst because you can no longer stop your thoughts from coming in and you’re forced to deal with them. However the longer you wait the worse it gets.

My solution has become every few days I just go read a book and have some coffee at whatever cafe I’m close to. In that time I’m not necessarily sorting my thoughts but I let it be quiet and calm in my head. I highly recommend this to everyone just because its peaceful and there is no greater invention than a book.


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