For the first time in my life, I have an official job. Growing up I always had odd jobs such as baby sitting or dog walking but never an official one. For my first job I have chosen to work at a bar around the corner from my house, and after my first shift I am already very satisfied. It is a very cozy bar and everyone is very open to conversation and getting to know each other. With that of course you get very interesting experiences.

My first odd experience working at the bar was running into someone and they blurted out “I think we’re family!”. I had no idea who they were but oddly enough it turned out they were family I just hadn’t met before, talk about a small world.

Secondly I ran into a girl that knows my childhood best friend, and she recognised me from my friends facebook page so she approached me.

However my all time favourite is that while talking to one guy about who I was and where I was from he asked where I was born and I mentioned it being Surinam, he then proceeded to look very shocked and asked me why I’m not black since I was born in Surinam.

Quite honestly, getting a job has been a big step for me in settling down in Netherlands. Its another commitment and it also allows me to meet people in my town and build relationships with them. They are all very open and wanting to get to know me and my sister and help us out where we need it. After shifts my sister will join me for a drink at the bar and we just get to have a good laugh with everyone at the bar.

I’d say for any TCK trying to settle back into their home country, getting a job really really helps. It connects you to people, gives you distraction from missing people or pain of having left your previous country, as well as just having a bunch of fun. I cannot explain how much I’ve enjoyed working at Houteveen bar and I highly suggest anyone in the area of Amersfoort to swing by and get a drink there!

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