In the past two weeks I have started school and attempting to pick up my life here in Netherlands. I apologise for being quiet on the blog despite promising an update every Wednesday, recently something happened that left me shook and I could no longer write. Now I want to pick it up again as a reinvention of myself and restarting things.

It has definitely been a very rocky start moving to Netherlands. Everything that could go wrong did and I also lost some things important to me, with that I was still expected to start school and be able to complete everything. With the emotions boiling over and difficult language barriers it got extremely tough and I considered just totally dropping out of school. Extreme yes I know but seemingly fitting at the time. That’s where my mum stepped in and smacked reality in my face so here I am, still in school, writing this blog post in my lunch break.

With these challenges this move has definitely proven to be interesting and probably the hardest thing I have had to do in my life, but I am happy to say it does teach me to lean more on God. That has been something difficult all my life, but when I came in new situaitons I figured God was the only place to turn and I don’t regret doing that. We often have to go through difficult things to learn that he has a better plan for us even if we don’t agree. I thought I had my life planned out, the months spent were intense, and all of a sudden its all gone. That having happened it was very difficult to trust in God because to me he took away what I cared about but that’s the time to realise he has something better planned out for you.

Having said that, the people here have been incredible. It is partially difficult because we come from such different backgrounds but despite that I can see so much effort to still integrate me and help me. They have provided complete support and help to me even though they barely knew me. I am now able to fully emerge myself in my life here. In this time I have managed to get a job, make friends, start school, and start laying roots here.

With that I want to say continue. Continue especially when things get tough and hard because those battles bring the best victories. Have a great week and keep a look out for my newest project I’m putting together, cheers.

One thought on “Restarting

  1. Hey sweettie , ik herinner me iets ,wat oma mij ooit es over jou verteld heeft, door het lezen van je blog.
    Ik wil dat je graag vertellen: jouw lerares vroeg ooit es aan jou iets over alleen zijn op een onbewoond eiland. (De precieze vraag weet ik niet) maar jij zei tegen haar : ik ben nooit alleen. Ook niet op een onbewoond eiland, want Jezus is ALTIJD bij mij. Zo mooi vond ik dat. En dat lees ik nu eigenlijk ook weer terug in dit bericht. Trost op je lieverd. Love you!!!


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