All summer I have had plans and ideas to start new projects, improve myself as a person, learn to become financially independent, become fit, etc. In the beginning I felt really excited and it was fun coming up with all these ideas and picturing myself with a growing bank account in the next few months, but just picturing it didn’t make it happen. So here I am two months later with still the same number in my bank account because I hadn’t actually done enough work to make it grow.

Reality slaps you pretty hard in the face with that, which I am thankful for. Once I found out with my school schedule I wouldn’t be able to commit to a job I was pretty bummed, because I had a goal and didn’t know anymore how to reach it. My plans of travelling to see my family and my boyfriend would have to be adjusted. With that I got some help from the internet and a trusted source to start getting some income from sitting at home behind my computer!

I have set a clear goal in mind because I want to start making my ideas and visions a reality. In the next 2 weeks there is a certain increase I want to see in my blog popularity, in my bank account, and in my own personal and spiritual improvement and thats exactly where you need to start!

When you know that you want to do something more, the first step you need to take is Write out exactly what you want! It doesn’t matter if it sounds crazy or unrealistic, because I am a firm believer that if you want to accomplish something you can. Ignore the people who tell you that you cannot do it for whatever reason they come up with, if you put in the work and have the commitment, you can do it.


The worst thing you can do is to put it off or tell yourself you’ll do it later! There is never going to be a ‘perfect moment’ to start so you might as well start now. Write down exactly what you want and start working for it. It is not going to be easy, and you it won’t always be fun and games, but future you will be thankful and happy you started now.

This is me telling you to take that first step, the first step is the hardest but starts the journey to a better road.


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